パグ犬ぷうの動向、愛車スバル360カスタムの事、映画の話、その他いろいろ。 Today's Pug the Pooh,My Subaru360 Custom,About the movie,etc.

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I got ten years old Peugeot 360 ST.I went to Gifu,about 400km away & drove it back to home.No problem.It is for our practical use,but I like its design & found very fun to drive!Look,The middle of the body is not streight,narrow in the middle!It is sexy!

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We,NeoLife Club join in "New Year Meeting".Subaruco 360 Custom(Pooh)was a Star!When she run about,everybody shoot picturessubaruco6
(photo by fronte_lc20.Thanks!)
At last,she was tired & was sleeping.(photo by Cafe Yaro,Thanks!)
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1DP(1dogpower),4WD.Light-weight sports wagon.subaruco2

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It is snowing here.
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I saw a movie"Lord of War",Nicolas Cage appeared as a merchant of death.It was very interesting ,but heavy theme.The charactor of a hero was made from some acctual merchants of death.It is very realistic.We can see many problems & ironies in the world.Especially,we didn't see tragedy of Africa in 90th.I got to know the fact that biggest exporter of weapons are USA,Russia,France,UK &China,they are also Permanent member of UN.I hear the fund of this movie was from Canada,never from USA.I wish to hear opnion about this movie from Americans.
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I have read "Kafka on the shore"written by Haruki murakami.I was so impressed.A hero,Kafka is 15years old boy ,reflective person & always see himself & the world objective.it is always a feature of a hero in Murakami,but he can see his puberty including sexual desire objective.He is going to be most tuff years old boy in the world.I could see some motif often seen in Murakami's pieces,such as a perfect couple,another world,etc,but they got to be more deeper.
I hear NY times chose "Kafka"one of the ten biggest book.I am very curious how foreighners feel it.
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In Japan,on 4th,Jan,a TV movie"Furuhata Ninzaburo"was on the air.
It is a popular detective story just like Colombo.Ichiro appeard in this drama as an actor,as himself(famous major leager),as a murderer!!!It is very unusual!Amazing. Did Americans know that!?Ichiro was a good actor,very naturalistic.It didn't reminds me he is a baseball player when I was watching.I hear that when the actors get together for rehearsal at first time,He has already memorize all his dialogues.He said it is the respect best he can do as an an amateur.He always do his best he can do!I also hear he practiced his dialogues when he was in the right field & nothing to do.
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Happy New Year!!2006 is year of the Dog!
Kakizome=the Japanese custom of practicing calligraphy at the beginning of the year.