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TOEIC center uploaded results of TOEIC(Test of English for international communication)held on 25th,Sep. I got 720 points! Three years ago,my score was 615 points,so I made 100 points of progress.
I know this is because I have communicated in English with many friends all over the world since last Octover.Thank you Paul,Jon,Ed,Mark,Rex,Luca,Jason & other many classic-car lovers!
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TOEICの試験を受けた。I took an examination of TOEIC.水道橋で降りて歩いていたら、学校らしき建物の入り口にTOEICの係員がいたので、入っていったら別の会場だった。I got off train at Suidobashi,and I was gonig to the place,then I found a person in charge of TOEICin front of a building like a school.So,I went in.But it was wrong place. あわてて移動した。I hurried to right place. おみこしが通るとかで試験のスケジュールが早まっていた。The time schedule of examination was advanced because Mikoshis(portable shrines)will come near by. 終了して問題回収の時間に「セイヤ!セイヤ」の勇ましい掛け声が。When we finished & were waiting for test papers collected,we heared brave voices shouting "Sayya Sayya".TOEICも色々シビアになってるみたい。TOEIC seems giving examinations more closely than ever.
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