パグ犬ぷうの動向、愛車スバル360カスタムの事、映画の話、その他いろいろ。 Today's Pug the Pooh,My Subaru360 Custom,About the movie,etc.

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I was about to die today.I went to NeoLife via Gaikan highway.When I was driving Subaru on Gaikan highway,I tried the maximum speed.When I tried to pass a big truck,the speed meter was just over 120km/h.It happened just I almost passed the truck.I think the wind blew from the side.My Subaru was sliding toward the truck!I tried to get the Subaru back to the lane,but the steering wheel was flabby,so I had to drive it in a zigzag line for a while.I was very scared! The front tires were very light,I think they were almost floating.The front weight of Subaru is very light,so I need a down force
to keep the front tires steady on the road if I drive it over 120km/h.First of all ,I will improve dumpers& make the hight lower.May be I need aero parts!
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Peugeot Japon exchanged the brake master cylinder of my Peugeot360.It is Ok,now.I like this car.I must exchange timing belt,too.
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I bought "1/24 mopet collections"at convienience store.only 380yen,each.The bikes are well made ofcourse,the figures are very attractive.
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I got ten years old Peugeot 360 ST.I went to Gifu,about 400km away & drove it back to home.No problem.It is for our practical use,but I like its design & found very fun to drive!Look,The middle of the body is not streight,narrow in the middle!It is sexy!

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We,NeoLife Club join in "New Year Meeting".Subaruco 360 Custom(Pooh)was a Star!When she run about,everybody shoot picturessubaruco6
(photo by fronte_lc20.Thanks!)
At last,she was tired & was sleeping.(photo by Cafe Yaro,Thanks!)
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