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I have seen "Munich"directed by Spilberg.It was very heavy story,but good movie.I didn't remember such thing happened when Iwas a boy.
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Flight Plan was no good.I was curious how & why a girl was missing in the flying plane,but the conclusion was no good.Theme was very good,but conclusion was no good at all.Jody Foster recently chooses strange story.
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I saw a movie"Lord of War",Nicolas Cage appeared as a merchant of death.It was very interesting ,but heavy theme.The charactor of a hero was made from some acctual merchants of death.It is very realistic.We can see many problems & ironies in the world.Especially,we didn't see tragedy of Africa in 90th.I got to know the fact that biggest exporter of weapons are USA,Russia,France,UK &China,they are also Permanent member of UN.I hear the fund of this movie was from Canada,never from USA.I wish to hear opnion about this movie from Americans.
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Mr.&Mrs.Smith.ミスター&ミセス スミスを見た。面白かったが、2人の秘密がばれるまでの駆け引きがもっと長いと面白いと思った。ほどんどすぐにハリウッド式のドンパチが始まってしまった。
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